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Recent Projects

Selwyn District Council

Consultancy Services: Mechanical Services & Sustainable Design
Architect: Athfield Architects
Project Manager: Coffey Group

The Selwyn District Councils new headquarters is designed to house up to 142 staff in an energy efficient and sustainably designed building.

Many Green Engineering features have been incorporated into the design which minimise waste and energy consumption and maximise the use of sustainable materials.

The building features mixed mode ventilation which uses a combination of natural ventilation via automatic opening windows and roof lights supplemented by mechanical ventilation via high level fans, all controlled by a sophisticated building management system.

Heating and cooling are provided by a high efficiency heat pump system that utilises the cold water main to produce hot water, which is ciruclated around the building to satisfy the heating requirements and also provide supplementary cooling in summer.

Other environmentally friendly features which the building boasts include solar water heating which provides up to 80 percent of the buidling's hot water requirements and rain water collection from the building's roof which is filtered and piped into storage tanks for toilet flushing and irrigation.