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Recent Projects

Remarkables Base Building Queenstown

Consultancy Services: Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electrical & Fire
Client: NZ Ski
Architect: Michael Wyatt

Kristin School Albany, Auckland

Consultancy Services: Electrical
Client: Warren & Mahoney
Architect: Warren & Mahoney

Hagley Oval Pavilion

Consultancy Services: Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electrical and Fire

Scott Base

Consultancy Services: Fire & Electrical
Client: Antarctica NZ
Architect: Pynenburg & Collins Architects Ltd
Contractor: Leighs Construction Limited

Carlton Corner Redevelopment

Consultancy Services:  Mechanical, Electrical and Fire

Control Tower, Christchurch Airport

Consultancy Services: Electrical, Fire & Mechanical
Fitout Architect: Paris Magdalinos Architects
Contractor: Hawkins Construction

Timaru Courthouse Redevelopment

Consultancy Services: Electrical and Fire
Client: Ministry of Justice
Architect: Opus Architecture
Contractor: C Lund & Son Construction Ltd

Remarkables Primary School Queenstown

Consultancy Services: Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electrical & Fire
Client: Ministry of Education
Architect: Babbage Consultants Ltd
Contractor: Naylor Love

Selwyn District Council

Consultancy Services: Mechanical Services & Sustainable Design 
Architect: Athfield Architects
Project Manager: Coffey Group

Post Office Precinct Queenstown

Consultancy Services: Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electrical & Fire
Client: Ngai Tahu Property
Architect: Paris Magdalinos Architects
Contractor: Hawkins Construction


Building 3 Post Office Precinct, Queenstown

Consultancy Services: Electrical and Fire
 Michael Wyatt
Project Manager: PHC Management/Insignis


Villa Maria Winery - Auckland

Consultancy Services: Electrical
Client: Villa Maria Estate Ltd
Fitout Architect: Archimedia


Southern Cross Hospital, Christchurch

Consultancy Services: Mechanical, Hydraulics & Electrical
Architect: Archimedia


Ryman Retirement Villages

Consultancy Services: Mechanical, Hydraulic & Electrical
Client: Ryman Healthcare


Les Mills Christchurch

Consultancy Services: Fire, Electrical, Mechanical and Hydraulic
Client: Professional Fitness Limited
Architect: Alan Cowie/HMA
Contractor: Leighs Construction

Queenstown Courthouse

Consultancy Services: Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electrical and Fire
Architect: Opus Architecture
Project Manager: PHC Management/Insignis

Queenstown Resort College House, Queenstown

Consultancy Services: Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electrical and Fire
Architect: Michael Wyatt Architect
Project Manager: Maltbys

Mt Cook Visitors Centre

Consultancy Services: Mechanical, Electrical & Fire
Client: Department of Conservation
Architect: Hopkinson Team Architecture
Interpretation Architect: Pearson & Associates

CENCO Jet Engine Test Facility, Christchurch

Consultancy Services: Fire
Project Managers: Carson Group

Burwood Hospital Stage 2 Redevelopment

Consultancy Services: Electrical Engineering
Architect: Sheppard & Rout


YHA Oban - Stewart Island

Consultancy Services: Mechanical, Electrical & Fire
Client: Youth Hostel Association
Architect: Hopkinson Team Architecture

CDHB Oncology Department CT Scanner

Consultancy Services: Electrical, Mechanical & Fire
Project Manager: CDHB Site Redevelopment

Canterbury Museum Revitalisation Project, Christchurch

Consultancy Services: Fire Engineering
Architects: Athfield Architects

Waitakere Sports Stadium Auckland

Consultancy Services: Electrical & Fire Engineering
Architect: Warren & Mahoney